• One of only a handful of agencies worldwide who specialize exclusively in direct-response radio advertising.
  • Over 200 campaigns, including Playboy subscriptions; Time-Life Classic Soul CD collection; Humana Insurance; Directbuy; Brookstone; Philips Electronics, CARE
    Stevie and Me with Cohen and The Murph
    Our principles in the Mets Radio Broadcast booth with Gary Cohen and late Hall-of-Famer Bob Murphy

    International, TeleFlora, ProActiv, Irwin Naturals, Guthy Renker and many others.

  • We negotiate the absolute lowest ad rates to clear – often from 40 to 90% off rate card!! We buy either at clearable remnant and/or the lowest direct-response pricing likely to gets results. If we feel clearable rates are unlikely to reach your Return-On-Investment goals, we will advise you against making that particular buy.
  • Maintain strategic marketing partnerships with many of the top direct-response agencies in the US to oversee their radio efforts.
  • We oversee all facets of a direct-response advertising campaign – creative, media, feedback on inbound-telemarketing – to test radio’s viability as a
    direct-marketing channel.
  • We oversee all types of campaigns — :30 and :60 spots, personality endorsements and live reads, local markets and national networks/satellite radio, promotional added values/station events, half-hour radio talk infomercials.
  • We work with clients to help determine what we feel are the most compelling creative copy points not just to get a radio listener to respond, but to “ORDER NOW!!” We brainstorm how best to present the most compelling offer possible to increase your response.
  • Provided consulting to two radio ownership groups of their own in-house
    direct-marketing efforts to their listeners (SALEM COMMUNICATIONS and RADIO UNICA).
  • We apply proven direct-response buying techniques to optimize traditional branding and retail client campaigns.