Since 1999, the following articles have been published in several top trade magazines (including DM NEWS, ELECTRONIC RETAILING and RESPONSE Magazines). Each have been designed to educate direct-marketing professionals in proper use of radio as a direct-response medium. Each focuses on a singular aspect of radio’s role in an advertising campaign.This section is designed as a comprehensive Resource/Tutorial area of the site that reflects our owner’s 21+ years in radio. These lessons have been organized in a manner where you can research how to do radio right, and correctly test direct-response radio advertising campaigns.
Direct-Response Radio Media Placement Lessons:

Radio Media Buying For Beginners – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, January 2006

Direct Response Radio Buying Basics – The Ups and Downs of Buying Local Vs. Network – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, May 2007

Personality Endorsements – The Marketing Tool That Separates Radio From ALL Other Media – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, October 2008

Understanding Satellite Radio and Howard Stern — So You Can Start To Make Them Work For You TODAY!!! – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, January 2005

Direct-Response Radio Creative/Copywriting/Production Lessons:

You Name The Target Audience, Radio’s Got It – SALES AND MARKETING ONLINE, July 2002

Direct-Response Radio Infomercial Block Programming Lessons:

Striking Gold With Radio Infomercials – RESPONSE MAGAZINE, June 2000

Direct-Response Radio Call-Center Inbound Telemarketing Lessons:

Tailor Call Centers For Radio Response – DM NEWS, November 2001

Direct-Response Radio Testing Lessons:

10 Most Common Mistakes That Have Led To Direct Response Radio Failures – Published Online, Early 2005

5 Free Added Values That Can Enhance Your Direct Response Radio Buy – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, September 2007

Honest Answers To The Two Most Misunderstood Questions About Direct Response Radio – Published Online, Fall 2006

Radio Direct Marketing For Print & Mail Veterans – A Guide to Transitioning Your Success From One Medium Into A New One – DM NEWS, June 2004

How To Successfully Transition From DRTV To Radio – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, September 2004

How to Apply Direct Response Radio Principles to Your Retail Campaign – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, January 2007

Radio Advertising – A Risk/Benefit Summary of Testing All Available Approaches – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, May 2006

Direct-Response Radio Historical Lessons:

Getting Results From Radio Ads – MARKETING NEWS, April 2000

Making Direct Response Radio Work, In Today’s Unsure Marketplace – DM NEWS Online, Early 2002

Testing Radio in Current Times – A Buyer’s Market – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, April 2008

A Penny-Wise Radio Test for 2009: A Strategic Guide to Allocating Your Test Dollars – ELECTRONIC RETAILER Magazine, March 2009

Radio: DR’s Greatest Innovation – RESPONSE MAGAZINE, October 1999

How To Identify When Radio Is Wrong for Your Direct Response Offer – ELECTRONIC RETAILER, September 2000

Why Your Direct Response Radio Campaign Might Have Failed – DM NEWS Blog, November 2006

How the iPod and the Internet Are Changing Radio – ELECTRONIC RETAILER, September 2005