Producing a Client Radio Spot with Reality TV’s Rebecca Cardon

We have worked on over 200 direct-response radio campaigns in the past 14 years, and enjoy great relationships with all major radio ownerships to get lowest possible test-rates (often at 30 to up to 90% off rate).

We openly share histories (while maintaining client confidence) of both successful AND failed tests to give you step-by-step insight into why we suggest the tests we do for your offer. WARNING…if you don’t have a GUARANTEED WOW offer, or an Idiot-Proof Reason as to why the listeners should CALL NOW, then your campaign is less likely to work, no matter how great our creative or media capabilities.

If you have gleaned marketing intelligence from other campaigns as to what demographics or regions are most apt to test well for your offer, AND if you have the existing media funds to test (we rarely work with shoestring start-ups), radio may be the best medium for you to test next. When you contact us, we will give you 100% honest feedback as to whether we feel our services are what is best for you.

Our reputation is MISSION-CRITICAL, and that’s why after 14 years, we maintain high levels of client satisfaction.